Why Entrepreneurship? And for whom it is?

In this blog, i would like to discuss about why youth of this generation should think Entrepreneurship as their career option.

As a graduate from Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, i usually feel very embracing to tell about my degree when someone asked me about it. Because immediate question from them will be What is it?(it’s really difficult to get some light about Entrepreneurship to them)

And after my graduation, i joined in family business as an intrapreneur and took up the assignment of turning around my family business to next level as part of our vision, i started a manufacturing unit as backward integration plan. In the above conversation the second question will be why you are doing business? you dint got any job anywhere during placements in your college?(Even after explaining something about entrepreneurship again, they will end up with an idea that i am a useless fellow who cant earn a job and trying to bluff something with the word ‘Entrepreneur’).

If you feel bad with this type of conversations and care them a lot, believe me Entrepreneurship wont be in your bowl. Entrepreneurship expects you to be a Rebel, and question every conventional things happening around you and understand the logic in them.

Entrepreneurship always expects you to walk in a lonely way even when whole world is fighting against your vision and even when they confirms its a blunder mistake of mine by choosing this career. And simultaneously you must pursue the talents to motivate like minded people and make them work as your team to achieve your vision with your mission & values.

I have a perspective from my engineering days, like tendency for people in India will be to take up a much demanded field irrespective of their interests. Now i can confidently say my perception is absolutely wrong. Because Entrepreneurship have been opted by very less % of people even though its a highly demanded profession in past, present & future India. I will explain how entrepreneurship will be a high demanded profession. Indians are claiming there demographic dividend as its greatest and unique asset which India posses, but i feel that asset will turn to be a great liability if Indian youth wont sense the potential of word entrepreneurship. Because, according to a survey every year almost 20 million youth were graduating and getting ready to take up jobs of which at least 20-30% were skilled enough to take up jobs directly or with some training process. So it mean around 5 million people will be almost ready to take up jobs. So from where they can get jobs and who will provide these jobs to them every year? do you think state and central government of India can create this many jobs every year? If you think so, i can easily confirm that you need some serious re-thinking process in your mind about ground realities of this country. And central and state governments cannot create that many jobs every year, they can only create a positive environment towards entrepreneurship which in turn can facilitate entrepreneurs to create employment. So with this we can confirm those two bodies can’t provide direct employment to that huge figures. So who else can come to rescue this people?? you’re right. Entrepreneurs. Only entrepreneurs will become saviors who can appreciate asset(demographic dividend) value. Once imagine you as an entrepreneur and think every year around 20 million population of this country is having hopes on you and waiting for your decision to create some employment for them by doing something instead of you waiting and taking employment from someone. I am confident that kick/high which i am getting with that thought is absolutely no where comparable with anyone’s kick/high who have two bottles of vodka tonight. I hope with this explanation you can get some idea or sense some demand for this word Entrepreneur and understand my urge for youth like me and you to think about Entrepreneurship as career option once again.

Here comes another big question in your mind if you understand this post till now, why entrepreneurship is not yet sensed as a big opportunity even though there is a huge demand for it? i will discuss and explain this answer in my next post.

I wont ask you to share this post to everyone and waste their valuable time by reading this if it is not related to them, but please share this post to someone who is in the age group of 18-25 and really confused to choose whats their next career option.

Published by Ravitejagruthi

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor || Alumni of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India || Entrepreneur || Business Consultant || Founder of PVR Investment Advisory.

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